Tips To Increase Email Deliverability

Tips To Increase Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is an important feature of email marketing. Since it takes time to get new customer and undeliverable emails can imply a loss of clients, much concern must be granted to email deliverability. You must ensure that your emails are being correctly delivered and attempt to know the reasons behind in case your email deliverability is low. One big worry for email marketers nowadays is the result of spam filters, blacklists and email bounces which have an adverse effect on email deliverability. With the increase of spam, several email blocking and filtering techniques are being utilized to fight against this hazard. Blacklists are lists of domains whose job is to block emails with unknown source but the drawback is that your permission-based emails can be mistaken for spam and deleted or consequently, can be bounced back. Your emails are hence not opened and read, reducing your open-rates.

There are ways which can ensure that your legitimate emails get delivered:

  • Your ‘From’ line and subject line should be carefully verified
  • Language and tactics which might look as spam must not be used
    • Spam-like words such as ‘free’ and ‘guarantee’, etc.
    • Intense colors like red
    • Headers in all capital letters
    • Excessive punctuation
    • No ‘From’ line
    • Misleading subject line
  • Contact recipients only after you have received their permission
  • Never spam, else your image will be tarnished and you will be always recognized as spam
  • Persuade your recipients to add your ‘From’ address to their address books. This will guarantee deliverability
  • Use efficient email marketing tools like Nexus Mailer as it administers bounces and reports details about the bounce email addresses. Scrutinize your bounces and remove them from your list
  • Remove subscribers from your list immediately when they want to unsubscribe and do not mail them again. Else, your emails will be regarded as spam

Email marketing softwares like Nexus Mailer, provides solution to the problem of legitimate emails being flagged as spam by granting the anti-spam rating feature which determines if your emails will be tagged as spam. With Nexus Mailer, email deliverability is not a big issue as your emails are delivered using the proper protocols. Nexus Mailer maintains strong permission policies and offers bounce management to facilitate your task.

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