Importance of Good Subject Lines

Importance of Good Subject Lines

A lot of work is put into crafting a perfect email, but the subject line, which is one of the most considerable components of an email is treated as an afterthought and has been too often overlooked. Over the last few decades, marketers have been agonizing over creating great emails, and only the last two minutes are spent on the subject line before sending the email. This is wrong. Subject lines should not be considered as a trivial matter and its significance cannot be minimized. Marketers should give as much importance to subject lines as any other constituent of their email efforts.

In a survey made in 2002, 63.3% of respondents cited the “From” line as the most imperative factor which motivates them to open emails. According to the report, 35% of respondents quoted the subject line as being the most vital factor. The subject line is the first impression that readers will have about your email and it is the element which will ensure that your email is delivered and read instead of being tossed. The subject line corresponds to the headline of a news story. The latter entices readers to know the whole story. Similarly, the subject line whets readers’ appetite about getting the complete message. The subject line should therefore be a compelling, and alluring short and precise message which catches the readers’ attention.

Writing good subject lines is a complex task. But what makes a good subject line? There is no universal applicable “silver bullet” subject line. Different types of marketing emails require different subject line approaches. Subject lines should convey who you are. This is done by incorporating your brand into the subject line if the “From” line does not make this clear. Moreover, you should be always consistent in your branding so that recipients get familiar to your emails. If the sender’s identity is unknown to the recipient, the subject line has the task of establishing the trust and comfort which will prevent your email from being marked as spam and deleted without being opened and read.

The typical subject line window can accommodate between 30 and 40 characters but the subject line should be kept short to ensure that the recipient pays attention to it. The benefits should be spelled out in the subject line. The reader should be aware that the content will improve his life. If appropriate, a limited time offer can also be used to draw the reader to open the email immediately. Unless your subject line is a question, punctuation must be eliminated. Furthermore, capital letters should not be used as all caps indicate spam.

The science in email marketing lies in the continual testing and retesting to find more about customers and their needs. If you really want to maximize success and create a great first impression, devote time and attention to the subject line and test and retest to have good results.

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