Facebook Lead Ads

Keep potential customers coming in through your Facebook Ads

NexusMailer automatically syncs with your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns and adds new coming leads to your marketing scenarios. Never miss a new potential customer again.

endloop is the leading marketing automation tool for Facebook advertisers

Facebook Lead Ads is a revolution in advertising industry. Facebook allows you to collect leads automatically with the help of their pre-filled ad forms.

NexusMailer is fully integrated with Facebook Lead Ads. It monitors incoming leads and gets them from Facebook in real-time so that they can be included in your marketing scenarios and campaigns. All this process happens in real-time without your interaction. You simply sit back and watch incoming leads through your Facebook ads and how they convert through your marketing campaigns.

Start syncing your Lead Ads with your marketing campaigns in seconds. It takes only a few seconds to complete the integration!

Start creating beautiful emails – even if you have zero technical skills.