Email Builder

You don’t need to be a technical person to send awesome, mobile friendly emails! NexusMailer’s easy-to-use drag-n-drop email builder is ready for you.


Drag-n-Drop Email Builder

Send awesome emails, drag-n-drop different content blocks into your email and build your own unique email, in just a few minutes! Drag images from your computer, edit them online, apply effects, preview on your web browser and more…

Tens of Responsive Email Templates

You will find tens of responsive (mobile device ready) email templates with thousands of layout alternatives. We have emai templates for all kind of topics including anniversary, real-estate, invitation, announcement and several other topics.

No Technical Skills Required!

Coding a responsive HTML email which will be displayed same across all email applications and devices is a very difficult and time-taking process. NexusMailer makes this easy. It will take only a few minutes to create your awesome email!


Online Image Editor

Drag and upload images from your computer, and then edit them online, without using any third party image editor applications. Apply different effects, crop and resize, add stickers, change brightness and contrast. Best of all, you do these and even more on your NexusMailer account.

Personalization For Higher Open Rates

Personalize your email subject and content with subscriber profile. Increase your email open and conversion rates with the personalization feature.


Professional HTML Email Editor

If you have HTML coding skills, you can use NexusMailer’s advanced HTML editor to write your own HTML email code. You will have full control on your email content and HTML code.

Plain Text Editor

In addition to the HTML editor, you can also write plain text content for your email. You can send plain-text only email or HTML email with plain-text content alternative.

Upload Your Own Email

Upload your own email template including images to your NexusMailer account. NexusMailer will process it automatically, upload your images to it’s content delivery network (CDN) and make your email ready for delivery.

Google Analytics Integration

Continue tracking recipients on your website once they click a link inside your email. In this way, you can easily calculate the ROI of your email campaigns on Google Analytics.

Start creating beautiful emails – even if you have zero technical skills.