Factors Which Can Improve Your Open-Rate

Factors Which Can Improve Your Open-Rate

Email marketers use a number of ways to measure how successful their email campaigns are, and one of the key determinants is the open-rate, which defines the number of emails which have been opened. If your emails are not opened, all your efforts in setting and sending them are wasted. Your goal of creating brand awareness and boosting your sales remains unaccomplished. Open-rates have declined since the past few years due to SPAM issues. Senders are hence becoming more conscious about this particular metric. All email marketers want to improve their open-rates to bring about an enhancement in their email marketing. So how to optimize your open-rates? Nexus Mailer offers some tips which are bound on increasing your open-rates.

Your ‘From’ Line

The ‘From’ line should be made recognizable to all recipients. A good practice is to include your organization name in the ‘From’ line to prevent your emails from being deleted before opening. Your company or brand name in this field minimizes the probability of being recorded as being spam. This field must always be kept the same.

Your Subject Line

A good subject line, which summarizes your email’s content, will provide the recipients a compelling reason to open your emails. Take time to write an effective and creative subject line which will stimulate people to open the email and read the content and make it a priority. Your subject line should be kept short. By including your company or brand name, the chance that your email is marked as spam is eradicated. Never falsify your subject line.

Your Sending Times

Timing is a significant factor which influences your open-rates. The best day and time to send emails differs according to the company and the target. Test different alternatives to figure out which day and time works best for you.


How often you send emails is important. If you mail too frequently, people will lose interest and might not open your emails. Mailing not often enough, on the other hand, will cause recipients to forget you and delete your emails before reading. A solution would be to give readers the opportunity to choose between weekly or monthly emails.

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