Dealing with your inactive subscribers

Dealing with your inactive subscribers

Your emails are being sent to all your subscribers and you are expecting a high open-rate and response rate. When sending, you are targeting a known number of readers according to the size of your emails list. However, within this list, there are inactive subscribers who have not been opening and clicking on your emails for a particular period of time. This decreases your response rate greatly, thereby affecting your business drastically. To be able to deal with your inactive recipients, you should first of all determine them, that is find out who are inactive and then, know the reasons behind their inactivity.

Determining who are active

Choose a period of time wherein you have sent more than ten emails to all recipients. By using your active report, you can determine who are those who have not opened and clicked on any links, by verifying the unique opens.

Knowing why they are inactive

There are different reasons of inactivity:

  • The subscriber might be no more interested in your products and emails
  • These email addresses may be active but they are seldom used
  • Your subject lines might be poorly written and non-tempting. The subscriber feels that it is a loss of time to pen such emails. A good idea would be to write nice and attractive subject lines
  • Perhaps your emails are being delivered to the bulk folder which is generally ignored by most subscribers
  • Maybe your emails might be considered as SPAM and are being blocked by spam filters

Dealing with them

After having identified your inactive recipients, your task is to try in bringing them back to you. The strategies that can be implemented are:

Improve the content of your emails and the subject lines as well to entice the subscribers to open the emails

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