Best Days to Send Out Your Newsletters

Best Days to Send Out Your Newsletters

A hot topic amongst email marketers and a question often asked by those who want to boost their business email newsletter is when to send out email newsletters. The senders keep on pondering the best day, as after all, everyone wants their newsletters to be opened and read! Monday has been considered as being the most favorable day for launching newssheets, but a recent report shows that this might not be the case. Some suggest that Tuesday and Wednesday are the optimum days. Their theory lying behind is that readers will usually clear their inboxes from Friday to Monday and on Tuesday and Wednesday, their inboxes are already cleared out. They then read the newsletters at ease, giving more attention to the contents without rushing forward to the weekend! However, a survey carried out lately shows that Friday consistently averaged the highest open rate. According to the reporters, this is explained by the fact that people are likely to review newsletters just before the weekend. Friday at lunchtime, outdid Wednesday and Tuesday by 1.2 percent, by yielding 39.6 percent.

Other email marketers advise that the best day for sending newsletters varies by industry. High-tech companies do well on Fridays and membership organizations on Wednesdays or Tuesdays. Another important factor is inbox competition. Sending the newsletters on peak days causes an increase in competition in the subscriber’s inbox. Open rates will generally be less when there are more senders. The open rate also depends on the target audience. Consequently, it definitely engrosses inconsistencies. In a previous survey made, 36 percent of respondents exclaimed they preferred receiving newsletters on Monday, 33 percent on Tuesday, with a declination for the remaining days of the week. Another proclamation illustrates a completely different picture of the topic, by stating that weekends are the prime for checking out email newsletters. The dissimilar results demonstrate the continuous altering days.

The researches mentioned above are reliable but do not haste in switching the send-out of your newsletters to another day, without testing the outcomes for your particular organization. They have been done across different markets but still might not be the right choice for you and can also give rise to inbox competition. There is no unique answer to which day is best to send newsletters. There is no concept of universal day for mailing newsletters, it is a constantly undergoing changes. Therefore, a sensible suggestion would be to do a regular test to determine the finest day for propelling your newsletters! Fortunately, this can be straightforwardly done by recording the open and click-through rates for the newsletters. By selecting different days of the week for performing the test and assigning an unvarying number of subscribers per day, the result is easily obtained by comparing the results. With now existing reliable email technology solutions such as Nexus Mailer, the switch can then be easily done. Nexus Mailer offers the opportunity of scheduling your campaigns for any day. Choose your day and leave the rest and put your trust in Nexus Mailer! The truth is that the best day depends about what you’re sending and to whom you’re sending!

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