Anti-Spam Policy

NexusMailer has zero-tolerance on spam. We take permission based e-mail marketing very seriously and never tolerate on spam. By reading this and using our Services, you totally agree to our Terms of Use and this Anti-Spam Policy.

What laws are saying

While CAN-SPAM laws of the U.S. defines spam very well, we go one step further and add our own rules.

What is Spam?

Spam is any e-mail which has been sent to someone without his or her permission. You need to have his or her permission to send out e-mail. The person should have subscribed to your mail list through your website(s) or by any other written means, and confirmed his or her subscription by clicking the confirmation link in received e-mail.

How we define spam?

  1. If the e-mail address is not subscribed with owner’s permission,
  2. If the e-mail address has been rented or bought through list providers, sellers and other third parties, and
  3. If the e-mail address is gathered from the web by scanning or by other means.

What are not-allowed contents?

  1. Pornography and/or sexual abuse based contents,
  2. Illegal substances and alcohol selling contents,
  3. Hate, racist or discriminative expressions, and
  4. Contents that violate the FTC’s CAN-SPAM law.

What are content rules?

  1. NexusMailer unsubscription link which unsubscribes user instantly without any confirmation,
  2. Name, physical address and e-mail address of the sender,
  3. Information on how the recipient joined the list,
  4. Should be in line with the permission obtained from the recipient.

NexusMailer Rules

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age to use NexusMailer.
  2. You must agree our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Anti-SPAM Policy.
  3. NexusMailer always reserves the right to cancel a Service or terminate account without any notice.

What are NexusMailer SPAM monitoring procedures?

  1. Until your account earns our trust, every e-mail you send will be verified by our Anti-SPAM department.
  2. If we receive from your recipients more than 25 or another number of complaints defined in our own system, we will immediately terminate your account.
  3. All large list imports will be verified and tracked by our team. This is for preventing 3rd party e-mail addresses.
  4. All e-mail sending activity is being monitored by our experienced team and if we discover that you are sending e-mails to people without their permissions, we will terminate your account immediately without any notice.

Prohibited Content and Industries

NexusMailer can not be used to send anything offensive or to promote anything illegal or harass anyone. You may not send the following:

  1. Pornography or other sexually explicit or abusive e-mails,
  2. E-mails offering to sell illegal substances and alcohol,
  3. Hate, racist or discriminative expressions, and
  4. E-mails that vialote CAN-SPAM law.

Addition to this, due to high spam/abuse complaint risk, we do not let our system to be used for the following industries. Because you’re in one of these industries, it doesn’t mean that you are a spammer, but the industry you are involved with has high spam/abuse risk which may affect all our systems and other users. Therefore, we don’t allow any e-mail delivery for these and related industries:

  1. Illegal goods or services,
  2. Escort and dating services,
  3. Pharmaceutical products,
  4. Get-rich-quick or work-at-home schemes,
  5. Online trading, day trading tips, or stock market related content,
  6. Gambling services, products or gambling education,
  7. Bet sites,
  8. Multi-level marketing,
  9. Affiliate marketing,
  10. Credit repair, get-out-of-debt content,
  11. Mortgages and/or Loans,
  12. Real estate prospecting or listing,
  13. Nutritional Supplements, Herbal Supplements or Vitamin Supplements,
  14. Pornography or nudity in content,
  15. Adult novelty items or references in content,
  16. List brokers or List rental services,
  17. Marketing or sending commercial e-mail without proper permission.

Briefly, we never tolerate SPAM e-mailing through our Services. You should understand that this is for protecting the recipients, their time and their privacy. E-mail marketing should be done in a legal way by only sending to e-mail addresses which you have obtained permission of and always include an easy way to let them go.

For spam complaints, please contact us via